Collectors Show & Tell – Cloverdale Library – tomorrow – Nov. 26, 2016

cloverdale parade sfu

Cloverdale, B. C., parade. Postcard; date unknown. image MSC130-5665-02,  the British Columbia Postcards Collection, a digital initiative of Simon Fraser University Library.

Yes! Tomorrow I’ll be at the Collector’s Show & Tell 1-2 pm at Cloverdale Branch Library in Surrey BC to show a fiew of my postcards and talk to people about collecting. There will be collectors of all kinds of neat things there 🙂

I see that the Library collection includes some books on postcard collecting  –  and even a few postcard mystery novels. This one for children, The Postcard by Tony Abbott (2008) looks as if ti involves both postcards and family history. I’ll have to read that one! (Listed as available at the Guildford Library Branch in Children’s Fiction, Call #:ABBOTT.)

And in the morning there’s a Genealogy Show & Tell from 10:30 to 12:30. That is always the most fun genealogy event of the year.

Come for both events!

Here is the link to Cloverdale’s event calendar.

Cloverdale Library, 5642 – 176A Street, Surrey, BC V3S 4G9                                            Cloverdale Library phone: (604) 598-7320


The Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle’s 1909 World’s Fair

Here are the links for the talk I’m giving today on 1909 era Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition postcards. I will post some book titles later too. If you know a family member attended the AYPE, I’d love to hear from you!

The Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle’s 1909 World’s Fair

A very few on-line references

The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Special Collections Division, University of Washington:

When the World Came to Campus, Library exhibit, from over 1200 photographs and postcards in the collection, including many of Frank H. Nowell’s official ones, along with maps. brochures, scrapbooks, etc.

A Memorable Enterprise, The AYPE and the City of Seattle. Seattle Municipal Archives:

Alaska Yukon Pacific “Seattle’s Forgotten World’s Fair”, documentary video,

Images of the Fair, Dan Kerlee,, many interesting images and asides, see an example of a photo permit, for instance:

:Alaska and Pacific Northwest early photographers collection, circa 1860-1943, Special Collections, University of Washington. See also at Archives West:

Vancouver Postcard Club meets 19 January 2014

It’s a New Year and the Vancouver Postcard Club‘s first meeting of 2014 will be at Hastings Community Centre, 11:30 am to 2 pm.

Mike Hocevar will present rare and fascinating Japanese –Canadian ephemera of British Columbia, 1890s to 1940s.

The meeting begins at 11:30 am so that members may view (and sometimes purchase) cards from other members’ collections. Usually there is a great variety of cards and this is a good time to get to know people and ask questions too. All interested in postcards are welcome to attend.

An additional late note: The meeting tomorrow will be in the Community Hall Room at the Hastings Community Center.  Walk through the parking lot to South end of building, past the big blue garbage dumpsters; the entrance doors will be near the sign on wall “Community Hall”.

Do have a look at the Vancouver Postcard Club’s website:

Libraries on Postcards

Recently I saw a Library Postcard Flickr Pool with some very nice cards. I too have a (very) small collection of library postcards – all illustrate libraries from places I’ve been or from places my family members lived. None of these were scanned or listed. I shall have to add that to my ‘to dos’.

Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA - postcard

I’ve now uploaded a couple of library cards to Flickr. This should motivate me to scan and upload more soon.

This postcard shows the Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA. This historic building, opened in 1902, is still in use and was named in memory of Deborah Cook Sayles, who was born in Pawtucket and active in community work, and the wife of Frederic Clark Sayles, one of Pawtucket‘s mayors.

There were other things about the library that interested me, besides its architecture. It was one of the first to open on Sundays, so that mill workers could use it, and apparently one of the earliest to allow younger children in.

Some of my relatives from West Yorkshire (HEALEY, WOOD, WOODMAN) emigrated to Rhode Island and lived out their lives there.

Missing Person Postcard – Samuel Miller, 1914, Atlantic City, USA

Thanks to Ginger Smith of Genealogy by Ginger’s Blog but via Facebook this time, I just read some articles at The Philatelic Genealogy Website.

A new post there is “Missing Person Postcard” about a Samuel Miller, who disappeared from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA in 1914. Can you help? “Where did he go and what happened to him?”