It’s almost Christmas…

A favourite from my Christmas postcard collection. I see that it’s liked by others as this image has been used for various novelties.

All aboard for Merry Christmas -postcard “All Aboard for Merry Christmas”, a coloured, embossed holiday postcard. No artist identified. Unmailed; message on back reads “Merry Christmas from Aunt Alice”.  In the address section is the name “Wilson Eddy”.  Circa 1910s; ‘Whitney Made, Worcester, Mass.’ is within the Post Card motif on the card’s back. For more about the publisher, see the entry for the Whitney Valentine Co. (1858-1942) in the Publishers’ listings of the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City.
All aboard for Merry Christmas - Christmas postcard

One website,, offers a free e-card with this image.

And a few links to other Christmas postcards shown on-line –

  • Soviet era Christmas and New Year postcards at, including space related ones. There’s a free wallpaper mosaic of Santa made from 1500+ Christmas and New Year postcards too:

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “It’s almost Christmas…

  1. I’ve never collected anything, certainly not postcards – but I must say these are simply wonderful! I loved wandering through them, Diane. Thanks for posting. As for those two dapper young men on Grouse Mountain – are they actually wearing ties???!

  2. Yes, indeed they are. I think it’s meant to suggest how close the mountain (and its snow) is to the balmy city of Vancouver.

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