Libraries on Postcards

Recently I saw a Library Postcard Flickr Pool with some very nice cards. I too have a (very) small collection of library postcards – all illustrate libraries from places I’ve been or from places my family members lived. None of these were scanned or listed. I shall have to add that to my ‘to dos’.

Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA - postcard

I’ve now uploaded a couple of library cards to Flickr. This should motivate me to scan and upload more soon.

This postcard shows the Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA. This historic building, opened in 1902, is still in use and was named in memory of Deborah Cook Sayles, who was born in Pawtucket and active in community work, and the wife of Frederic Clark Sayles, one of Pawtucket‘s mayors.

There were other things about the library that interested me, besides its architecture. It was one of the first to open on Sundays, so that mill workers could use it, and apparently one of the earliest to allow younger children in.

Some of my relatives from West Yorkshire (HEALEY, WOOD, WOODMAN) emigrated to Rhode Island and lived out their lives there.

Missing Person Postcard – Samuel Miller, 1914, Atlantic City, USA

Thanks to Ginger Smith of Genealogy by Ginger’s Blog but via Facebook this time, I just read some articles at The Philatelic Genealogy Website.

A new post there is “Missing Person Postcard” about a Samuel Miller, who disappeared from Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA in 1914. Can you help? “Where did he go and what happened to him?”


#RootsTech 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m heading for RootsTech, the big genealogy and family history conference in Salt Lake City, Utah next week. A good number of the conference sessions will be streamed live free and, if it’s like last year, there will be breaking news and lots of good discussion about the conference sessions onTwitter.

To watch the streamed Rootstech sessions, go to

And you can watch those #rootstech tweets right here on the Postcard Craze sidebar if you like.